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The Adventures and Risks of Geocaching

Have you ever gone treasure hunting? Do you remember playing hide and seek growing up? While on vacation, do you enjoy sightseeing, but sometimes like doing it independently instead of the being held hostage by the constraints of tour groups? An old game called letterboxing has influenced a modern, digitized and mobile game, using GPS-enabled devices, called geocaching.

Geocaching, a recreational outdoor activity gives participants the ability to use their mobile and other GPS-enabled devices to hunt for geocaches. Geocaches, or caches (waterproof containers) can be placed anywhere around the globe. These caches can contain a logbook and writing instrument, allowing the seeker to sign the log and return the container exactly as it was found. Sometimes these boxes contain items that can be used for trading. The geocacher, the person participating in geocaching, enters the date they found the cache and by using an established code name, signs the log. There are several types of geocaches depending on whether or not you want something traditional or daring. The different types include a multiple locations cache, an event cache with multiple participants, or an initiative involving a geocaching community, just to name few.

This techie-driven adventure can introduce unique experiences, while exploring new and exciting destinations. There are also risks involved that geocachers must be aware of. In light of local and national security, law enforcement officials find the placement of certain caches problematic. They may be placed in hidden spaces where the container looks suspicious or threatening. Depending on locations, other risks tag searchers appearing to look a little shady especially if they are seeking around buildings, structures, residential areas or near schools. Placement of these containers could also be considered in some situations as littering. Precautions must be taken when placing these containers in designated areas so that geocachers are not encouraged to trespass or find themselves in harm’s way (near high voltage or risky locations).

Could geocaching become the new modern-day tour guide? Clues are used to reference landmarks and other caches. For the independent, recreational tourist this will certainly introduce them to a new adventure, by discovering unique destinations locally and around the world.

Egyptian Adventures – More Than Pyramids and Sphinx

However, there is more to Egyptian adventures than just hieroglyphs (ancient Egyptian writing) and mummies. Though the history of Egypt is certainly rich and worth-learning about, there are also a huge list of things to do that caters to active travellers. Climbing mountains, diving and fishing, exploring and trekking, are some of the many things that Egypt has to offer. And to begin with, here are some of the things that one can enjoy while in Egypt:

1. Egyptian Adventures – The Walk with Moses

According to the Catholic Bible, Moses was a prophet who lead the Jews out of slavery from Egyptians. For 40 days and 40 nights, the large group of Jews travelled the Egyptian sands by foot, camels, and donkeys all the way to the “Promised Land”. To cut the long story short, the Egyptian Pharaoh at that time realized that there will be no slaves to do their work for them, hence, he and his men chased down the Jews. Upon learning of this, Moses and the Jews were trapped between the Egyptians and the Red Sea. This is where the miracle happened, Moses (through God’s power) split open the red sea that allowed the Jews to pass through. When it was the Egyptians’ turn to cross the sea, Moses had the sea to crash down on them, killing many Egyptians and leading the people to freedom.

The “Walk with Moses” tour lasts for about 14 days in order to complete the experience. Activities such as long hours of walking and moderate climbing over rough terrains are in store for tourists, as they walk through places such as the city of Cairo (where visitors can rest at the hotels), the pyramids at Gyza, the Egyptian Museum, and other historical sites, like the path to Mt. Sinai (where Moses prayed) and the chapel of the burning bush. As travellers walk their way to history, camels are provided to carry their bags and water.

2. Egyptian Adventures – Diving at the Red Sea

The famous Red Sea is now a place for diving, allowing tourists to explore an 800-feet deep of marine animals and plants. There are Sinai professional divers that are willing to teach certification courses for anyone who would like to dive in Egypt’s crystal clear waters. In order to fully enjoy this tour, about 5 days of diving is needed, which includes the diving classes and an exposure to one of the unique, lively underwater realm that Egypt possesses (a bit ironic for a place that is known for having little water).

3. Egyptian Adventures – Camel trek

A trip to Egypt will not be complete without an experience of riding a camel. This camel trek allows tourists to relive history as they travel through sand and explore bazaars in cities. The camel trek is also available for tourists that seek to visit historical sites by camel instead of by foot, such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the preserved burial chambers, the hidden white canyon, and the palm gardens of Ein Khudra, to name a few. Having the experience to ride an actual camel and at the same time visit unique places, the camel trek definitely makes an Egyptian tour even more fun.

While the three mentioned things are listed above, it doesn’t mean that those are the only things that one can do in Egypt. There is also a place for fishing in the lake Nasser, where a large fish is said to be found, and sailing experiences such as the “Sail Egypt tour” which lasts for 8 days and 7 nights. Just like the Walk of Moses, it explores ancient history and brings travellers to recreational diving spots and shopping bazaars by water. Whatever tour that the tourists decide to take, visiting Egypt is definitely worth the money.

It is therefore advised that tourists should take that flight to Egypt to experience one or all of the many Egyptian adventures available. After all, there is more to it than the Pyramids and Sphinx.