Explore Cultural and Heritage Tours of India

Culture of a country defines the real value of religion, love respect, empathy, etc of the people towards to each and towards humanity. India is famous for its cultural values all around the world. It is also popularly known as the nation of unity in diversity where people belonging to different religions live in peace and harmony with each other. India is considered as a very popular tourism hub mainly because of its rich cultural heritage and numerous tourist destinations it offers to its tourists to explore and experience.

While exploring India and its destinations, the most exciting part of the entire journey is that the tourists get to know about a new and unique story of each state. Some places are famous for their scenic beauty some for its culture and traditions, etc. Just like places, some travellers also like to visit places that have scenic beauty and some like to explore destinations that have a lot to offer in the field of cultural heritage, architecture, traditions, wildlife, etc. But, among all the travellers, there are people who like to explore India in order to experience its rich cultural heritage prevailing in different states and in different ways. From Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari at the bottom, each and every Indian state has a unique culture of its own.

In the search to uncover the rich historical heritage of in India, one classic state that must definitely be covered is the royal ‘Rajasthan’. The magnificent Rajasthan tours take the tourist to the adventure of exploring the true heritage of India in its forts, palaces, temples, and most of all, in the colourful lifestyle of the people. The folk dances, songs, fairs and festivals, etc are other means via which the Rajasthani heritage can be explored and experienced. Visit Bikaner, Bamer, Mandawa, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, etc to see real Rajasthan.

Other places where the rich heritage of India can be experienced are Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, etc. Madhya Pradesh is a state of India that lies in its centre and hence is considered as the heart if India. Madhya Pradesh has endless options to explore in the field of wildlife, customs, culture, traditions, monument, forts, palaces, etc. The temples of khajurao have an aesthetic appeal and attract travellers from all around the world. After this, there is Mandu, the old world charm famous for its cultural heritage and natural beauty. Madhya Pradesh is known for its renowned pilgrimage tours to places such a Sanchi, Shiv temple at Bhoipur, Orchha, as well as the tribal tours. When it comes to exploring the wildlife, there is Panna national park, Kanha national park, etc.

All this like a glimpse of what the real India as a whole looks liked and how the people value and respect their heritage in terms of culture and values. India is not just a nation of unity in diversity, but it also stands as one among the nations that respect, value, and still follow their customs and traditions prevailing since time immemorial along with the cultural advancements of the modern world.