Medical Tourism Top Destinations

The countries which are generally preferred over all other countries in the world for medical tourism destinations generally provides a wide array of medical facilities in a low cost packages. As the experts believe that the medical tourism destinations will have a positive impact on the economy of these distinctive countries and benefits the traders and patients alike. The medical tourism destination phenomenon may also encourage the foreign investors who hold an interest in those countries.

You have the best of medical services and attendance in these countries with reasonable prices. Some of the hospitals in these countries tie ups with various recreational facilities to provide the patient the best of all the time. According to your budged you can pay to hospitals which arrange the best available treatment package for you. If you want any other luxurious treatment the hospital of these medical tourism destinations will also provide you with this .Such as five star services with a round a clock nurse what is more do you need in your medical tourism destination it is the best you can get in these destinations.

The best of the medical tourism destination is Belgium. This country has doctors specializing in various medical fields such as surgery of heart, health services, cosmetic surgery, and surgery of knees, orthopedic surgery, and transplant of kidney and in care of teeth also called dental care. You will get to have the best of your treatment in Belgium according to your budged with pleasure and amusement. This just you need in your medical tourism destination.

The top 5 of the medical tourism destination which provides the most attractive opportunities for patients and investors for there a medical tour is as follows. These medical tourism countries are being selected on there quality and affordability of care as well as openness to foreign investment.

1. Panama

2. Brazil

3. Malaysia

4. Costa Rica

5. India

While some people took the options of only those medical destinations which offer low cost treatment, but these are the countries where you will get your medical treatment with relax and peace of mind. These are the top medical treatment destinations where you will find the best doctors and surgeons for you treatment. You will get to have a great time in the superb beauty of these countries which is considered to help the patient to recover and hell quickly. It should also be noted that the medical staff in these countries are largely and highly English speaking so the conflict of the language do not pose a major obstacle for the foreign patients in visiting these countries for there medical treatment.

There are some goals of each of these countries on which these countries are working. For example Panama represents a wide range of opportunities for real estate investments and as well as investment in the medical tourism industries. And goal of Brazil is to become one of the most dominating economies in the world in terms of medical tourism and this favorable for the foreign investments. Malaysia is doing progress in medical tourism by leaps and bounds. Malaysian medical tourism has grown from 75,210patients to 296,687patients from 2001 to 2006 which bring about a total revenue of $59 in the country through this act. Malaysia attracts foreign medical tourists and investors alike for its favorable exchange rate, political and economic stability and due to high rate of literacy. Costa Rica like Panama has become a popular medical destination for the foreign peoples due to its High-Quality medical facilities.

Most of the patients come across to Costa Rica on there medical tour for its low costs of dental work and plastic surgery. The countries political stability, high educations levels and its policies for free trade among medical tour have also attracted the foreign investors. While India, arguably has the lowest and the highest quality of medical facilities available for medical tourism. According the report of the world travel and tourism council India was ranked as one of the top ten emerging destinations due to its highly skilled and equipped doctors and hospitals.