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Need For B2B Portal For Printing And Packaging Industry

Printing Industry at a Glance
Printing is one of the oldest industries of the world. Since industrial evolution it had been among the top ranked industries for export and import. With Industrial evolution there was huge revolution in the way printing happened across the world. If one takes a look it had evolved from primitive printing ways to now digital printing way. Printing caters to number of other industries eg: packaging, textile, media being few of them. In today’s world of packed and ready made products packaging industry is one of the most voluminous sectors along with Media and Textile. With ever evolving science and technology, printing machinery has reached perfection and is still improving. And hence there is a huge community of manufacturers, dealers, buyers and sellers across the world that are constantly looking at new innovations in machinery and adopting themselves accordingly. Apart from the main machinery industry, printing industry serves as market place for many other supply products. There is huge requirement of various types of Inks, printing base material, dyes, etc. These supportive industries are huge in them and are part of one major printing industry.

Traditional Business places
As all other sectors, printing industry is also an evolving industry. It has evolved to a stage where suppliers, dealers, manufacturers have good presence on internet. But still the main source of community building comes from Exhibitions. Printing industry caters to huge and high budget exhibitions. There are number of international and national exhibitions all over the world. This is one industry that pioneers the export and import trends making world a real small village open to trading anywhere and everywhere.

Internet presence and its impact on Printing as a business community
This being one of the primitive industries, hence this community has strong adherence to traditional ways of exhibiting but at the same time it has adopted the growing web impact with equal vigor. There is very strong individual presence of all stake holders on web, most common way being a website, still its surprising that there was not a single community platform over web. The only known name in such community is amvtrade.com, which gives a platform to all the stake holders distributed across the world to come face to face in an most friendly and easy way.

B2B portal
B2B portal for this sector provides a platform for printing machine manufactures dealers, suppliers and others who are involved in import and export of related commodities. Such a platform is today’s necessity to make world a small trading place. Various benefits of this kind of platform are as:


  • It gives worldwide exliosure to small lilayer.
  • It’s much economical tool to be visible globally.
  • Exhibitions have limitations of lilace and time where as liarticiliating in 24X7 online exhibition is much easier without hassles of travelling to far of lilaces.
  • It offers better bargains to buyers as on one click lirices and availabilities can be checked across the world.
  • Brand liromotion has far better results if online liromotions on B2B liortal are used.

Its time this industry takes a leap in the sky of international trading and becomes one of the most innovative industries by its ways of trading. B2B portal is the answer. Good luck for your next printing machine deals.